Nefertiti Mitchell: Ghettoff Boutique Owner is Passionate about Erasing the Stigma on Intimacy

Nefertiti Mitchell: Ghettoff Boutique Owner is Passionate about Erasing the Stigma on Intimacy
Photo courtesy of Nefertiti Mitchell | Ghettoff

Sex. It’s a natural part of being human. It’s a taboo subject and heavily linked to shame, even in today’s world. With the topic so hush-hush, it’s hard to start the conversation about sexual exploration and having heightened experiences. That’s why Nefertiti Mitchell launched Ghettoff, a tasteful, discrete, and personal approach to new sexual experiences and education.

Nestled on a busy street in Inglewood, CA, is a world of play. Though you may have visited or seen a “sex” shop on a shopping strip before, Ghettoff is far from a novelty. Walking into the boutique, you would think it was a spa or other personal care service. That is until you see the items sitting on the tables around the shop.
“I was very intentional about having everything be within eye level,” said Mitchell, who goes by Nef. “While our appointments are one-on-one and you have the whole shop to yourself, the display removes any judgments clients may feel coming into an adult shop.” You can choose from curbside pickup or home delivery if purchasing makes you anxious.

The packaging is discreet to ensure privacy. Each table has a scannable code to purchase items and read more about the products, another way Mitchell makes shopping personal and judgment-free. Mitchell has several years of experience working in retail, so she knew exactly how she wanted clients to feel when designing her boutique.

Clients can book an appointment online to shop privately for an allotted time. They can also opt to have a one-on-one consultation with Mitchell to discuss what they’re looking for, any interests, and answer questions they may have. “This is your time to be as safe or as adventurous as you want to be,” she said.

Mitchell’s boutique began from her own experience with sex and shame. “Starting from a young age, I was sexually molested by a family member,” Mitchell said. “I had to get over it myself, and that played a role in my intimate life because I didn't like some things and wanted different things.”

“I was on my own journey trying to find how people are having this amazing sex,     and I wasn’t...I thought, ‘what’s wrong with me?’”

She thinks back to hearing her parents and other people talk about sex negatively. Often left out were conversations about intimacy. “By the time you’re with your partner, no one knows what to expect,” she said. “You’re left in bed figuring out what to do. Shame comes when we’re told [that] we don’t talk about these things.”

Ghettoff is a haven that nurtures the curiosity for intimate experiences and exploring new things. “I was on my own journey trying to find how people are having this amazing sex, and I wasn’t,” she said. “I thought, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ You want to find the things that will give you this experience. I wanted to inform people about their bodies and what to use and what’s out there.”

A bar cart sits in her office where clients are offered wine, sangria, cognac, and even Cuban cigars. Ghettoff provides the full, relaxed experience with various options, from vanilla to more adventurous items.

There’s something for everyone. Lingerie, toys, bondage items, sex throw blankets, and that’s just to name a few. There’s even a paint kit with a canvas that creates a painting as you and your partner share some together time.

“In this climate of COVID, reconnecting is critical,” Mitchell emphasized. It’s become difficult for couples to have intimate time together when everyone is at home or experiencing burnout from the new normal of everyday life. “We want to help people increase their experiences, solo or partner play,” Mitchell shared.

Ghettoff started online and offered home parties, but it was a challenge providing the ideal experience without her full inventory. “It was tedious to lug all these products, and I don't know what they’re into, so it’s hard to gauge,” Mitchell said. “Sometimes at home, you have the phone ringing, the partners coming home, the kids coming home. If you’re in a place where the focus is on you, there aren’t disruptions.”

That’s what pushed her to open a physical shop.“You’re coming here, and we can have wine and talk about what you want, and we can show you some things,” she said. “We hope next time you can bring your partners, and it opens the communication.”

Ghettoff still offers private parties; you can rent out the boutique for your gathering.
Mitchell has exciting plans for the boutique, including classes like toy maintenance and brands giving product demos.

Ensuring a comfortable client experience is at the heart of Mitchell’s mission with Ghettoff. To show her gratitude, Ghettoff is hosting a client appreciation event in April. “We’ll have music, bartenders, caterers,” she said. “We want to show them we are thankful for their support.”

You can shop online at or visit the shop in Inglewood, CA.